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Super Market or Coffee Roaster


cafekoptioThis dilemma cannot be solved the easy way, because there are many factors that determine consumer behavior. Our culture, our education, the quantity of time we have and in general our daily routine.

It is very easy because it isv ery practical to cover all the household needs just by paying a visit at the supermarket. However, at what percent do we really enjoy what we buy and specifically what we consume when our nutrition is concerned? How much do we know about what we eat and drink?

But indeed, it is so easy, at least is some occasions, to be more informed and more selective.

Buying our coffee by the supermarket we shave time and maybe some money taking advantage of some occasional offers that companies make.

But, how much we know and mainly how much we are satisfied by the outcome when we open the package at home or when the coffee is actually poured into our cup?

In the age of speed we don't have time to think, wonder, or even several times to notice if we like the coffee we drink. Most of us, most of the times, don't even notice if the coffee has nice aroma, taste of color. We drink mechanically the same way we perform most of our activities. And it just takes minimum time to stop for a second and wonder what we drink and if it satisfies us.

It is so easy to find out what we drink or even to find what we want to drink.

  • blond, fair or dark in color
  • light, fair or strong in taste
  • light, fair or strong aroma
  • sharpness or mildness

are the plain choices that each one of us can combine in different ways each time. The coffee we want to drink in the morning, the one we want after a light or heavy meal, in the afternoon or at night as an aperitif is not the same. As it is not the same kind of coffee we want to drink in winter or in summer.

Does all this information seem complicated? It is not. It can be simplified just by having a look at the market and trace a coffee roaster. The first and most important step is taken. It's worth it to spend 10' of our purchase time to visit a coffee roaster, a real source of coffee process. There we will meet a coffee "lover" because it is true that whomever works on coffee is fascinated by it. We are used to the word "meraki" (desire) to describe the attention, the interest, the time and love one spends when working on coffee. Coffee is not just a product. It is a magical product that in the process of exploring it you enter its world and you discover sides and "secrets" that charm you. A small part of this world is the coffee roaster. Getting into a coffee roaster we have already achieved a turnover, an action of resistance against the notion of "medium taste", of "medium consumer", which is essentially resistance against the consumer that doesn't have an identity, created by the big companies making all people drink the same indefinable coffee.

Of course one can not condemn all kinds of standard coffee sold in the supermarkets. However, what we are interested in is not a well-designed maquette and a neat package, but its content, and the degree of pleasure we feel when drinking it.

On the other hand. in a coffee roaster, the breeze of coffee is released. We feel each aroma, we can tough the just roasted grains, we choose our own blend among all the countries of the world.

The coffee we now drink has our own identity, and our own choice. In most coffee roasters, coffee is a family tradition.

Family businesses mostly, where the secrets of coffee are inherited from generation to generation. The blend of each coffee roaster is a small family treasure. Besides, what more is there in a famous refresher, whose composition is an institutionalized world secret?

Enter a coffee roaster and let yourselves be exposed to its magic. Ask the owner to demonstrate to you the qualities of each variety, the details of the correct preparation and serving of any coffee, including classical Greek coffee, the espresso, the cappuccino and filter coffee.

Be informed about what you are drinking. We all have the right to know what we place in our plate and in our cup. The coffee roaster, this little scientist of the kind, offers us the possibility to be informed, to be a conscious consumer, let's take advantage of it.12746181 s

Choose the coffee roaster that can initiate you to the magical world of coffee and let yourself enjoy it. It's worth the trouble to just enjoy some magic.

Travel in the world of coffee having the coffee roaster as a guide.

You will surely enjoy the journey.