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Social Identity of coffee

In our country coffee is a life style, a way of communication. It has become a song; its a symbol of calling for contact, of making a break, of gathering a company.

From the traditional "cafenia" (coffee shops) serving the Greek coffee done on the ember, on iron tables and wicker chairs, accompanied by backgammon and "prefa" (card game), we have now moved to coffee shops, coffee houses drinking now not only the Greek "varigliko" (strong sweet) coffee, but also espresso, cappuccino, filter coffee, instant coffee and for those that are more "advanced" ice Greek coffee.

Coffee in Greece is culture, it is an indication of social status. The old "variglikos" addressed only to the "knaves" whereas the light coffee with little sugar addressed to women and the bitter one to over drunks.

However, though, it might be offered, in the traditional white demitasse or in the most expensive china, a cup of coffee does gather friends and keeps company to the lonely ones.

The choices are many: blond-fair or dark in color, light fair or strong in taste, light, mild or with a heady aroma. All these choices are offered for the reseau of the final outcome.

The coffee we prefer changes depending on our mood, because COFFEE IS FUN AND MAKES OUR MOOD.. It wakes us up in the morning, it accompanies us in our brake, it helps us to digest after our lunch, it wakes us up once more from our siesta, it inhances our taste after dinner in a restaurant.

Coffee accompanies us together with our company because COFFEE IS COMPANY.

Having a cup of coffee in front of us, we open up our souls, we share our problems, we daydream, we gossip, we strike bargains, we communicate with our friends and "forget our sorrowes". Coffee is an excuse for contact, for human communication that we are all so much in need of. Coffee does not belong to a particular time of the day, is not drunk in a particular place, does not make distinctions. Everyone may drink it, at all times and in every single place in the world.

greekcoffeeIf we search for the reason why coffee is so broadly used, we will find that in its objectively and comparably low price. As far as the Greek coffee is concerned, spending almost 300 drs we can buy 100gr. that corresponds to 20 cups of coffee, therefore each cup of Greek coffee costs 15 drs. Adding sugar, water, power electricity, the cost is no more than 20 drs.!!!!! Amazing, isn't it? What other pleasure can be compared to its price?

Such a low cost, but such a great value!